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November's Meeting
November 12th  6:30 p.m.
Tres Hombres
3298 Highland Dr
Salt Lake City 84106
(801) 466-0054

Upcoming Rides:
November's Ride
November 27-30
We are going to try and do a Thanksgiving ride, weather permitting. A few of you did one many years ago and it sounded so fun I thought we should try it again.  After all, what more do we have to be thankful for.  Now if you have other obligations on Thursday, come out on Friday, and if you are shopping on Friday, come out on Saturday, bearing gifts of course.  We are going to go to Temple Mountain, it is an easy in and out no matter what the weather (according to Randy, Karen and Todd).  The boys are going to cook a turkey Thursday so bring a side dish and a fork. 

Directions:  Traveling Highway 24 towards Hanksville turn right on Temple Mountain Rd towards Goblin Valley (there is a sign).  When you get to the Goblin Valley turn go straight. (yep another sign about five miles on paved road)  Camp should be coming up pretty soon.  It will be close to the road or well signed. Bring water, wood and certified hay.  If the weather is questionable give me a call, no reason to be miserable.



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