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April Meeting

Wednesday, April 9th
Los Hermanos
71 East Center Street
Provo, UT 84601

Melissa Anderson, President

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Last Minute Ride: Sid's Cabin (This Weekend: Apr 10-12) **MAP**

April 18-20 Ride
Terry Albrecht has invited us down to the Ledges on the last weekend of his cow permit.  He is not planning to renew his permit in this area so it may be our last opportunity to ride there with someone who knows the area.  We should be able to go on some good rides and pick up a few strays on the way if Mad Dog hasn’t found them all.  Feel free to come down early Terry can use good help.
DIRECTIONS:  Head South on highway 95 out of Hanksville.  Turn left between mile marker 46 and 47.  Follow your nose for 26 miles.  Don’t give up!  Camp is hard to find in the dark.  Bring WATER.


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Christmas Party 2013
Virgin River: January (Melissa)
Antelope Island: New Years Day (Bryce)
Virgin River: February Ride
Motel 6 **NEW**

South Valley Large Animal Clinic Handouts: Dr. Roger Rees DVM
  • Equine Health and Wellness

Wage War on Equine Parasites

Understandidng Vaccinations Shouldn't Be a "Shot in the Dark"

10 Tips for Caring fo the Older Horse
Learn to Recognize Your Horse's Dental Problems
  • Equine Illness and Disease
10 Tips for Preventing Colic
  • Equine Emergencies
Be Prepared fo an Equine Health Emergency

  • Equine Pre-Purchase
Don't Skip the Pre-Purchase Exam
Pre Purchase Exam Components and Their Roles

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